Our Story

Based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, Malkans is a small family-owned business specialising in Small Form Factor (SFF) PC cases.



Malkans was established after we noticed a gap in the market while building our own small form factor PCs. Most good looking Small Form Factor PC cases were priced disproportionately to the hardware they could accommodate, while the more reasonably priced options looked like cheap metal boxes that were unnecessarily difficult to build in and had airflow issues.

We were confident that by combining our passion for PC building with our commercial expertise, we could bring PC builders a range of high quality SFF cases while keeping the price point to the bare minimum. As we set out to achieve this goal, we established 3 key principles that would form the DNA of our products.


Product DNA


Premium, functional designs

Huge fans of minimalistic design, our SFF cases feature elegant and timeless designs. The standardised ventilation pattern not only complements the sleek, modern appearance of the cases, but also provides optimal airflow for practical usage. For the material, we use premium quality matte acrylic allowing the cases to look great in any home or office environment.


Easy and fun experiences

Our flat pack cases are fun and easy to build! We’ve put together some detailed instructions manuals to show you exactly how to assemble your PC case so you can have the satisfaction of enjoying the building process one step at a time.


Fair pricing

We aim to deliver high quality products at extremely fair prices. We use various methods to keep our business costs low, without sacrificing on the quality of cases that we aim to achieve. Despite the economic climate in 2022, we targeted the lowest possible price point that we could remain operational under. To go the extra mile, we quality inspect and package all cases inhouse in the UK.


The Future

Now successfully up and running, we are still taking on feedback from the community as we aim to constantly improve our product offering and value. We understand the various requirements SFF PC builders have and hope to soon expand our range to accommodate an even larger combination of components.

As a relatively new company we are currently only accepting international orders via our eBay account. For more information, please visit our Delivery Information page.